Introducing Awlgrip HDT

The latest innovation in color and technology from Awlgrip


We are excited to introduce you to the latest innovation in color and technology, Awlgrip HDT - the next generation topcoat.

Featuring a combination of unrivaled high gloss, durability and the truest color imaginable, Awlgrip HDT is the future of polyurethane topcoats.

Awlgrip HDT outshines traditional topcoats with its mirror-like High Gloss, outstanding distinction of image and superior gloss retention. Combining hardness and micro-scratch resistance, Awlgrip HDT is Durable & Repairable, allowing any vessel to achieve a dazzling finish no matter the challenge. Finally, Awlgrip HDT provides more consistent True Color through a vast palette of options, created by the unrivalled color prowess of AkzoNobel. Read on to find out about the future of polyurethane topcoats in super yacht industry.

For over 45 years, AlzoNobel's Awlgrip brand has been providing the ultimate in yacht finishes, helping you to tear down the barriers between the vessel you imagine and the one that sets sail.

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As the industry leader in luxury yacht coatings, we know that a ‘good’ finish just isn’t good enough. Polyurethane topcoats have been the industry standard for over 40 years, which got us thinking – how can we do better? How can we drive the future of topcoats?

As we developed our next generation topcoat, it was important to us that applicators were involved from the very start. By listening to painters, we were able to deliver properties such as repairability, excellent hold-up and the potential for a two-coat application, leading to an even better finish as a result.

The final step was to add color, resulting in Awlgrip HDT – a whole new level in polyurethane topcoats, designed by painters, for painters.

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